Outplacement for culture driven companies.

What if career transitions strengthened your people-centric culture?

What if your employees became enthusiastic alumni?

What if layoffs weren’t an overwhelming downer?

We are on a mission to bring uplifting career transition services to companies who know that culture eats strategy for breakfast.

In a world awash in technology solutions and algorithms, we lead with a human-centered approach. We craft experiences born from design practices to help your employees thrive during voluntary or involuntary transition.

Let’s talk layoffs.

You may face layoffs due to unfortunate gaps in funding or revenue. Or you know that not everyone is the best fit for your next chapter of growth. Perhaps a product or market pivot may require swapping seats. In other cases, an acquisition catalyzes change.

In these moments of transition, you need a partner who can uphold your culture and help employees navigate their career move with strategies beyond traditional job hunting.

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